Much has been said during the election campaign about the best possible Brexit deal for Britain. Both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn appear convinced that the European Union are going to give them a fantastic deal. I am afraid to say that it isn’t going to happen. The European Union is well aware of the fact that if Britain gets a great deal then other countries might follow the Brexit route. I suppose that the best possible deal is for Britain to remain a member of the single market but still have control over its borders and no free movement of labour.

Well, the Germans have already said that this is not acceptable. Free market equals free movement is on the European Union’s list of demands. Now, Britain could pay to remain a member of the single market but this would be very costly and would destroy all the claims made during the referendum that Britain could actually save money by leaving the European Union. Probably, the most simple way to leave the European Union would be the "hard Brexit approach". Britain simply leaves the European Union but no single market and no other benefits. It would then have to negotiate a series of trade agreements with each member state but this could prove costly for British business. So the best deal for Britain, perhaps, is limited access to the single market, no free borders and an understanding that Britain is in some way part of the EU even though it has left.


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Henry James / Hace over 4 years

According to the EU's own figures,they sell 60 billion pounds worth of goods to us than we buy from the EU as a whole so those EU dole queues stand to get a lot bigger and that is before we seek other markets,as we have been doing for some time now. We WILL PROSPER outside the hugely corrupt EU.