Win or lose today, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will be under no pressure to resign. His job is safe, perhaps for the first time in his leadership of the Labour Party. Corbyn has impressed many people, me included. In some ways it was quite refreshing to see an old-style Labour man on the campaign trail talking issues which really matter to people - the health service, education and industry. Corbyn may be a throwback to an era which many people thought had gone for ever but his message still connects with the British public.

The person who is in deep trouble is Theresa May. She must win today by a margin of at least 50 seats to keep her job and still I doubt that she is safe in Number 10. If she fails to secure an overall majority, then I suspect she will resign tomorrow morning. If she secures a majority but less than the Conservatives polled at the last general election then I suspect she will be out by Christmas. May has had a terrible election campaign and the Conservatives will want her out sooner rather than later, whatever happens today. I suspect that foreign secretary Boris Johnson will be dusting off his CV and perhaps also chancellor Phillip Hammond. Perhaps even Mr. Brexit David Davis will think that he may have a chance of the top job. Theresa May once said that the Conservatives were "the nasty party...". If she fails today she might discover just how nasty the party can be.


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MelB / Hace over 4 years

Good to see another sizzling editorial on matters Mallorcean!!!


Kenione / Hace over 4 years

Jason..You must have been hearing a different campaign to what we have seen in the UK. We have seen what the leaders of the Labour Party really support, all the Terrorist Groups around the world. If he wins, I will be on my way to buy a house in Spain