What a mess is the only way to sum up Britain at the moment, and I will borrow one of prime minister-by accident Theresa May's famous quotes: good, solid leadership is needed, unfortunately it can't be provided by the person who told the nation that she could govern Britain without a coalition of chaos. May should resign because she failed to deliver. Instead of an increased majority she now heads a minority government who can only pact with the DUP who will demand many concessions which May really shouldn't deliver. Until a government is in place with a clear mandate from the British people, negotiations over Brexit should not start. May hasn't a mandate because she has no majority and nor does Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Whatever people say about Brexit, it is the very future of Britain and its people. It will be a complicated process and there will be plenty of hurdles ahead. The only senior person in the Conservative Party who appears to live on Planet Earth at the moment is Scottish leader, Ruth Davidson. I would say that winning twelve seats in Scotland is equal to 100 in the south of England. She is also opposed to the madness of a "hard Brexit". Give Davidson a chance and then call an election and let the electorate decide. May had her chance and failed. Corbyn had a great election campaign but he was never tested. It was all one-way traffic. May must consider her position and be a leader.


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Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Neither Corbyn or May had the trust and confidence of a majority of the British people,Corbyn would bankrupt the country and May blew it with the ''dementia tax'' and threat to remove the triple lock and other benefits from those who worked and strove all their lives to achieve a reasonable standard of living and own their own homes. Frankly,May was the least worse choice and still us,God preserve us from the likes of Boris Johnson and Cove.


S. / Hace over 4 years

Was it those voters who voted to " REMAIN " in the Referendum, who then decided to cause serious mischief, and voted Labour ?. However the Election result has left Britain in chaos. The EU Leaders will be laughing at Britain's total mess. But, truthfully, which Leader is the British choice ?. NEITHER is my opinion. Neither are good enough , and strong enough , to LEAD Great Britain . Britain desperately needs a NEW strong Leader.


Andreas / Hace over 4 years

Brexit Doesn't Mean Brexit.