Am I alone in thinking that Brexit should be put on ice until the government can decide what it wanta? The Brexit referendum was said to have unified the Conservative Party, but just 12 months later and the party is split. Finance minister Philip Hammond wants Britain to remain in the Customs Union, foreign secretary Boris Johnson wants Britain to walk away if there is no deal and Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, believes that Britain should remain in the single market and concentrate on jobs not immigration. Prime minister Theresa was initially said to favour a hard Brexit. And finally...the Ulster Unionists want a soft Brexit with an open border with the south.

Now, Labour could also be accused of giving mixed messages. Jeremy Corbyn wants Britain in the single market and also said that he doesn’t intend to crackdown on EU immigration. So, Britain might as well continue to be a member. As I have said on countless occasions in this space Brexit is the very future of Britain. The divorce needs to be done properly because otherwise the British economy will suffer. So, perhaps we need a cooling-off period. Perhaps May should hold talks with Corbyn and decide what path they want the nation to follow. Or even hold a second referendum so that the British people can decide whether they want a total divorce or be a partial member. It is such a big question, Britain can’t get it wrong.


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S.O. / Hace over 4 years

Jason is obsessed with Brexit. We can read all sorts of different opinions on that subject in the British national papers (if we want to, that is). The MDB is supposed to be "for English-speaking residents in Mallorca" (which, incidentally, does not mean only British people). The editorials should be about local matters but I suspect that he is really only writing for all the British tourists who buy the paper version at this time of year, not for the rest of us who live here.


Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

The Czechs are threatening to leave as well. The EU, as it currently stands, won't last for more than 8 years at most, which will be when an Islamic party becomes the key holder to power between the rest of the traditional parties. It's happening in London already.


MelB / Hace over 4 years

Thank you for yet another scintillating editorial on matters Mallorca!!!!