These are sad and terrible times in Britain and there is a need for politicians from all parties to speak with a single voice in calling for calm. Tensions in the local community have grown since Wednesday’s deadly blaze at the Grenfell Tower in North Kensington and really I am not surprised. The main priority of the government and opposition should be to ensure that everything is being done to help the people affected by the terrible fire and ensure that the police and the firefighters have the necessary resources to do their job so that they can identify the victims and establish the causes of the blaze.

Theresa May has been shown to be completely out of touch with the people of Britain once again. But May is not alone. Where are all the other senior ministers in her government? Where is the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd? May should be concentrating on the Grenfell Tower disaster, forget Brexit and forget the talks with the DUP. The disaster should be the number one priority.

I am pleased to say that there will be a full investigation into the incident but perhaps the length of time which is needed to identify victims should also be probed. The Spanish government was furious at the time it took for the British authorities to identify the Spanish victim of the London Bridge attack. Let us remember that what has happened in Kensington is a complete nightmare. Now is the time for solidarity and strong leadership.


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Julian Simms / Hace over 4 years

It would be a lot easier to solve if the victims ( and many who weren´t ) didn´t behave like they were back in downtown Baghdag.


S. / Hace over 4 years

Identifying a body that has been incinerated in a fire, is almost impossible. Many of the immigrant victims, have not registered with dentists. Their teeth being the only part of their badly charred burnt remains. Their personal documentation destroyed in the fire. Removing their remains is an horrific task.. Assuming they remained in their flat, that will be the only way to try to identify their charred remains, by the housing occupancy list. I fear more angry demonstrations will occur, as it will be months , if not years to try to complete identification.