What a difference a day makes...as the song goes. But yes have you noticed that we have gone from Brexit means Brexit to Brexit means reaching the best possible deal to protect jobs and if possible remain in the single market, the Customs Union and  everything else. I do not think there are cracks in Britain’s Brexit strategy, I seriously believe that no-one has a clear idea of what Britain should do. In fact, the British general election has changed everything. Senior politicians who were  backing the tough line all of a sudden appear to have changed their minds. What chancellor Phillip Hammond says has little to do with what prime minister Theresa May says. Are British politicians losing heart and willing to accept a watered down deal which would see Britain leave but “stay”?  I believe that will be the final outcome. I do not think Britain has a heart for a hard Brexit unless there is no option. Britain may have voted to leave the European Union a year ago but the move has been thrown into doubt by a general election a year later.Brexit hasn’t advanced, in some ways it has gone into reverse. The majority of Members of Parliament were said to support European Union membership. Now, obvioiusly the referendum result changes everything. But, of course, during the referendum voters were asked whether they wanted to leave or stay...not whether they supported Britain’s membership of the single market.