A year after the European Union referendum and there is a possibility that Brexit will never happen. Twelve months of uncertainty, economic damage and worry, all could be for nothing. But, if Brexit doesn’t happen...I will be happy. The referendum 12 months ago was not about the European Union, it was about immigration. I understand but do not agree with the 18 million people who voted to Leave. But, unfortunately I think they were sold an idea which was far from reality. Leaving the Europe Union would mean more money for the National Health Service, not true. That Britain was voting for independence, from what? And Britain would become a modern-day Elizabethan nation which would trade with the world; trade what? Turn the clocks back to just over a year ago. Britain had a stable government, it was the fifth richest nation in the world, London was the financial capital of the world, it was a key player on the world stage and in the European Union, sterling would buy you 15 percent more in Majorca and life was good and so was the economy. Twelve months later and Britain is in turmoil. Now, the “leavers” will say that in time Brexit will work. But it could effectively rob a generation of many opportunities. Brexit was wrong from the start and I sincerely hope that a way can be found to clean-up this mess before it is too late. Britain has shown throughout its long history that it can stand alone when it must. But, there is no real reason to stand alone. Better to stand together with neighbours. They may have their faults but they are friends. And the European Commission which is not democratically elected?...yes, but when was the last time you voted for those who sit in the House of Lords. So, Brexit so far is a complete disaster and unless there is a change of heart, it is going to get worse before it gets better.