Fewer tourists but more spending power.. appears to be the wish of plenty of people who live on the island. If I had a penny for everytime I heard that statement I would be a rich man! But I will have to disappoint the small army of tourist dreamers...it is never going to happen! Firstly the Balearics needs its small army of tourists to keep all the hotels, bars, restaurants and souvenir shops open. Fewer tourists would mean a dramatic increase in unemployment because half of the tourist industry would be surplus to requirements. Also, every tourist destination across the globe would like to attract big spending tourists; from the Maldives to Majorca! The island should be pleased, it does attract a large number of big spending tourists hence the increase in the number of five star hotels. But of course Majorca wants more. At the moment there is a growing opinion that the island has too many tourists. There has been a small backlash against tourist numbers in Palma. But, we must remember that we live from tourism and all should be welcomed whether they have a low or high spending power. That is the simple truth, if holidaymakers do not come to the island then we are in big trouble. But I would say that one of the reasons why the island has been so successful is that it is able to cope with all markets. There is something for everyone. But I would warn some Palma business owners...we are not all multi-millionaires!