We are getting the numbers but people are simply not spending, a Palma taxi driver told me the other night. I have found over the years that the best people to ask about the state of the tourist industry are cab drivers. They give the global picture. This cabbie went on to say that he suspected that his takings would be down on last year. He went on to say that tourists were using the public transport network and discovering the island on a budget. Gone are the days when people would take a taxi, he said. You do get the impression this year that the summer season is not proving as good as many people had predicted. The airport is breaking records but some businesses are complaining about a lack of trade and takings are down. The hoteliers have been forced to make special offers to attract tourists...and things are not going to plan because at the start of the year local hoteliers were forecasting a record season and higher earnings. Turkey and Greece are proving to be exceptionally popular. So, should Majorca be concerned? Well not really, the tourists are coming but the days holidaymakers spent a small fortune are long gone. It is a holiday on a budget...and in most cases it is a small budget. Majorca has to remember that price in the holiday industry is key. Any increase in price will simply mean that tourists will go elsewhere with Turkey and Greece looking exceptionally popular.