Theresa May said that she shed a tear on election night when she lost her majority and also said that she was stunned by the exit poll which correctly forecast the result. Well, this is probably one of the reasons the election didn’t go her way: she underestimated the British electorate and didn’t or couldn’t see that the Conservative Party campaign wasn’t working. I find it rather amazing that May didn’t see that there was a possibility that she could lose her majority, even though many opinion polls suggested just that. I do not think that the fact that she lost her majority was a surprise to anyone in her own party after one of the worst general election campaigns in Conservative history.

One of the big errors of the May campaign was how it just concentrated on her and didn’t really involve the rest of the party. This was no mistake. Campaign managers suggested that this was a good idea because May was more popular than her own party: initially. The prime minister could be accused of underestimating Jeremy Corbyn and of course the electorate. May thought that it was an election about Brexit, when in fact it was about the health service, education and security. May will not last as prime minister. It will be a minor miracle if she can stay in power with all the fallout from the Brexit negotiations. May should have learned her lesson; listen to the people not your own policy-makers.