You would have thought that the Balearic government and local councils were powerless to deal with so-called "booze tourism". The Balearic president Francina Armengol underlined the fact that "booze tourism" involves a very small minority of tourists who head to our shores. But the Balearic government can deal with the problem at the stroke of a pen: all they need to do is enforce the law.

The necessary legislation already exists to outlaw boozy bad behaviour. The government doesn’t need to introduce new legislation. Bars, hotels and shops that sell alcohol need to be reminded of the law: if they sell alcohol to anyone who is under age they risk a fine or even closure; if they serve alcohol to anyone who is under the influence then they will suffer the same fate. Inspections need to be carried out to ensure that alcohol is not being given away at cut prices. Also, perhaps all-inclusive packages need to be more closely controlled.

I would warn the local authorities that so-called booze tourism appears to be spreading to other resorts. This is bad news because it could damage the reputation of the resort involved. No-one is saying that people should not come on holiday and have a good time, but some control is needed. On this occasion the government can deal with the problem. A major crackdown is needed at once because Majorca’s excellent reputation could be damaged.