It seems amazing that the Balearic authorities can’t come up with legislation which would allow all property owners to rent out their homes to tourists for short periods of time with relative ease; not only would it help the tourist industry it would also boost the real estate sector on the islands.

At the moment, thousands of homes across the Balearics are being rented out illegally; owners are not declaring their earnings and the ministry for tourism can’t establish whether the homes meet the necessary standards. This is not the way forward and as a direct result legislation is needed to ensure that everything is in order. The so-called illegal property market is very much in the shadows. The new legislation approved by the Balearic government this week only adds to the confusion.

The hoteliers have been vocal critics of private rentals for many years. They claim that customers are being "robbed and cheated" by their so-called illegal competitors. So the simple solution is to introduce legislation which is easy to follow and would give everyone the right to rent out their homes legally.

It is often said that a growing number of tourists do no want to stay in hotels; they prefer the private rental option. They are not really interested in whether the property has its paperwork in order, they just want a nice holiday in a nice property. Obviously it is a complicated operation but it should be a key issue at the tourism ministry. It needs resolving.


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Sara / Hace over 4 years

I am here being disturb by 3 children 6 metres away continually playing in my neighbours pool - he is illegally renting the apartment in his villa.

Lovely and quiet when he is here.

A nightmare of music, children screaming etc or thuggish British behaviour with every other word a swear word when he rents it out. Those are the three types of visitors he is attracting - the foreign guests are quiet - it is just the British (whom I am one of them) have no sense of respect or consideration of neighbours in a quiet area.

When I spoke to him about the noise and could he put a note in the apartment to his guests, to have respect of others he told me to "xxxx xxx". He has such etiquette !!!. No income will be being declared.


Chris MAUGHAN / Hace over 4 years

All PROPERTY owners should be I-PRAC approved Then clients can verify them on the IPRAC website so they know they are booking through a reputable and legitimate owner I am an owner and I am approved by IPRAC our clients love the IPRAC guarantee


Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

No problem in renting to locals for long periods of time.