So, Majorca has too many tourists during the peak summer months, according to the ministry for tourism. It says that tourism has reached its "ceiling" Tourism minister, Biel Barcelo, was reacting to small protests which took place over the weekend calling for a reduction during the peak summer months.

To some extent I agree; it does feel that Majorca is rather overcrowded. But having said that, I also realise that without tourism we are nothing. These islands wouldn't have an economy if it wasn't for the annual influx every summer. So what do we do? Some people say that we should try and move tourism away from the key summer months, but it is obviously a question of climate and the school holidays. It is easier said that done.

Everyone wants to come here in July and August. The holiday season is getting longer but it still has a long way to go. What is not helping things at the moment is the so-called "booze tourism". Local people are openly saying that this sort of tourism should be banned because it contributes little to the local economy and at the same time gives Majorca a poor image. We do not want badly behaved tourists is something I am hearing a lot of at the moment.

Plenty of people say that the island should be moving more up-market so that it attracts fewer tourists but with a higher spending power. But we must remember that tourism is king and that without tourism we are nothing.