So, Majorca has too many tourists during the peak summer months, according to the ministry for tourism. It says that tourism has reached its "ceiling" Tourism minister, Biel Barcelo, was reacting to small protests which took place over the weekend calling for a reduction during the peak summer months.

To some extent I agree; it does feel that Majorca is rather overcrowded. But having said that, I also realise that without tourism we are nothing. These islands wouldn't have an economy if it wasn't for the annual influx every summer. So what do we do? Some people say that we should try and move tourism away from the key summer months, but it is obviously a question of climate and the school holidays. It is easier said that done.

Everyone wants to come here in July and August. The holiday season is getting longer but it still has a long way to go. What is not helping things at the moment is the so-called "booze tourism". Local people are openly saying that this sort of tourism should be banned because it contributes little to the local economy and at the same time gives Majorca a poor image. We do not want badly behaved tourists is something I am hearing a lot of at the moment.

Plenty of people say that the island should be moving more up-market so that it attracts fewer tourists but with a higher spending power. But we must remember that tourism is king and that without tourism we are nothing.


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King / Hace about 1 year

Now you will have NO tourists at all ;) as you wish ;) I hope you will be doing well without a money ;) due to lock down by COVID19.


Chris Parkin / Hace over 4 years

Its no good looking at the Island as a whole, should be looking at individual resorts. And let me guess, to put people off, prices will be put up stopping people on smaller budgets being able to afford to come. Freezing out people who have been loyal to mallorca for years and years, and put more money into the economy than the more well off.


f4phixeruk / Hace over 4 years

I was in Mallorca in February, am also coming back in October. I dont come when the British schools are on holiday [June/July/August] as its too hot for me. However living in a tourist town in the UK, I can understand where the locals get fed up of the'incomers', trashing places/ vomiting everywhere, fighting etc. etc. Upmarket tourists wont put money in the bar, or shopkeepers pockets. They will be stuck behind the walls of the 4/5 star all inclusive hotels. I know this as I did it one year with my family. Paid megabucks for 7 night all inc. Only stepped out of the hotel once in the whole week sadly :-(


Steve Kane / Hace over 4 years

Please remember without me and Thousands of others Mallorca would be in a far worse state than it is now. Your government should ask the people that do matter and that's the public what they think about us tourists. The government only want the opinion of the top end business men / women who would prefer the higher spenders to come onto the fantastic Island of Mallorca, they are the ones who they say will spend more. Once again its the Greedy people that are being heard not the Majority .


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

I for one won't be back,between the airport queues,protests and stories of ''tourist saturation'' anti-tourist graffiti,being blamed for just about every problem on Majorca,the doubling of the tourist tax and generally being made to feel unwelcome,I am of elsewhere and I don't think that I will be alone.


S. / Hace over 4 years

If the Island goes upmarket , to attract big spenders. My experience of upmarket tourists is they only spend with Credit Cards. So every business must upgrade to a Credit Card facility. Also, they become more like prisoners, in their 4 and 5 Star Hotels, and do not use local businesses.