Texting on a mobile, going at speed in a pedestrian area, riding with one hand. If these offences were committed by a motorist, he or she would be facing a heavy fine, but as it is cyclists then nothing is said. There is a new peril in Palma which is dangerous and in some cases completely outrageous. A small minority of cyclists believe that they can do what they like when they like with complete disregard for public safety. If you walk along any of the main streets in Palma you have to be on your guard: there is a danger on the streets.

Yesterday, I was walking down the Olmos in central Palma and I had to dive out of the way of a kamikaze-version of Tour de France champion Chris Froome. Now, I am sure that the great British cyclist takes the safety of pedestrians very much into account but this rider certainly wasn’t. If any pedestrians had decided to step out or halt abruptly, then he or she could easily have been injured and quite badly because this cyclist was moving at speed.

Just in front of the Bulletin offices in the Paseo Mallorca there is a first-class cycle lane, built at the expense of almost a third of the pavement. However, the majority of cyclists appear to prefer the other side of the road and the pavement. Danger on wheels. I fully support cyclists and cycling but it must be safe cycling. The majority of cyclists respect the law but there is a small minority who are giving the rest a bad name. The police need to act.