There are just too many tourists in Majorca during the peak summer months is what people are saying on the island at the moment. From politicians to local residents everyone appears to be saying that enough is enough. But do we have too many tourists? Or are we just moaning for the sake of it?

What I would say is that we should remember that the winters are very cold on the island and the more tourists in the summer will mean that more will be able to enjoy the winter in comfort. But that appears to be slightly forgotten in the hot months of July and August. The Council of Majorca has announced a freeze on the construction of new hotels in many of the island’s leading tourist resorts. The words "tourist saturation" are often being mentioned and half the population of the planet appears to be passing through Palma airport. But all this will soon end. In just about six weeks' time the summer season will be drawing to a close and Majorca will return to normal. You will not have to reserve a table at your favourite restaurant and you will not have to queue for everything.

But we must realise that we live from tourism. Majorca is lucky that so many tourists want to come to these shores. It is lucky that it has such fantastic beaches and great countryside, and sharing all this with visiting tourists is only a small price to pay for our prosperity. And you can forget trying to take the industry up-market with fewer tourists but with more spending power. Majorca is what it is - a mass holiday destination. If tourist numbers decrease then the unemployment rate will climb. It is as simple as that.

We shouldn’t moan about tourism, we should embrace it. Of course Majorca is busy in the summer months, I would be very alarmed if it wasn’t. Remember it has taken many years to build the tourist industry, and it is the lifeblood of these islands. Simple.