Rather than getting involved in the rather senseless argument over whether Majorca has too many tourists or not, perhaps the local authorities should be more concerned over a more pressing matter: prices in Majorca. This island for many years had the reputation of not being cheap, but I would say that we have now gone a step further: in some cases it is very expensive.

The price for a meal for four in a central Palma restaurant is now almost equal to what a tourist would pay for an all-inclusive package for the week. There needs to be some price control. How can you pay anything for a coffee from one euro to three euros? Same coffee, just different venue. The tourist industry has always been based around value for money; the cheaper the resort the better and this is one of the reasons why Turkey and other holiday destinations in the eastern Mediterranean are being so successful.

Majorca may be paradise, but in some cases it is paradise at a cost. Just because Majorca is a mass holiday destination it doesn't mean that businesses can charge what they like. I would encourage the local authorities to introduce a price board which indicate the maximum price which can be charged for given drinks: demand and supply will take care of the rest.

If Majorca is going to prosper then price is key. I suspect that many local residents are unable to enjoy the finer places of Majorca because of the prices. And this has nothing to do with tourism.