The last time I stayed in a hotel in London the whole staff were Polish. In fact, they made a joke about it. We are a London hotel staffed completely by Polish people, the receptionist joked with me when I arrived. It was an excellent hotel and the staff were fantastic. It is a great pity to think that this could all change if the government pushes ahead with its plans to close British borders and limit the number of EU workers after Brexit. I think it is total madness. The British jobs for British people is all very well providing British people want to do these jobs which at the moment, in some instances, is not the case. So how does the British government intend to staff Britain if it closes borders and only allows entry to so-called skilled people? Answers on a postcard please.

You get the impression at the moment that the British government seems intent on taking Britain backwards rather than forwards. "Jobs for British Workers First" seems like a throwback to that campaign in the 1970s "Buy British". Unfortunately, these days if you want to "Buy British" you would find that your home would be missing many important articles from a fridge to a television. Brexit is about pulling out of the European Union not about ruining the British economy. The British government needs to think before it announces headline-grabbing policies which are complete madness. Britain needs foreign workers, it is as simple as that. Otherwise it will be a nightmare.