Every time you meet a long-time expat these days they mention the fact that one of their friends has moved back to Britain or the mainland. Who has left or who is going seems to be a popular topic of conversation. If you look at the official figures there has been a reduction in the British community on the island so the question has to be asked - why?

Well, my small piece of research has revealed that the cost of living is one of the reasons for the small "exodus". As we all know Majorca is no longer cheap and the drop in the value of sterling has made the problem even more pronounced for British citizens. But has Majorca also lost its shine? No, this island remains a paradise but unfortunately you need a good nest egg or a good wage. The number of Germans living on the island is also in decline, and the fall has been even sharper than the reduction in British citizens. When my parents moved to the island in the 1970s, expatriates would never dream of returning to Britain. Majorca was home and that was it. In some cases many of the people who moved to the island then came in search of a new life and they were prepared to stay.

Times have changed. The days when a British state pension could buy you a decent lifestyle in Spain are gone. And now British expats are going to have the additional worry of Brexit. In my 35 years living in Majorca I have seen many changes but also I would like to say that some people might move away but plenty move here.