A protest march will take place in Palma later this month against the "tourist massification" of the island. Basically, it will see certain sections of the community, a small minority, saying enough is enough, the tourist industry and trade have gone too far. The organisers want to draw on previous marches like the one to save Dragonera island and the opposition to the Palma to Inca motorway.

Everyone will admit and say that there are far too many tourists on the island during the peak summer months, but at the same time they will say that tourism is our livelihood and without tourism we are nothing. The Balearics have to be careful. This march will be widely reported in the international media; everything that happens in Majorca is always big news in northern Europe. If there is the perception that there is a slight backlash against tourism, then holidaymakers will not feel welcome and could go elsewhere.

The school of thought of some is that the Balearics should be moving up-market; fewer tourists but spending more. I think everyone would welcome this, but it is an almost impossible dream. We should be happy with what we have got. Any drop in tourism will have a direct impact on the local economy and that is the truth. My advice to those who feel that there are too many tourists who are destroying the island is - move elsewhere because we need the revenue. Tourism is the lifeblood of the island.