If tourism does become a proper all-year industry, the benefits to everyone, not just the hoteliers, will be enormous. But being realistic, the four-month mad dash to Majorca’s beaches by millions of people from all over Europe quite suits the powers that be. They make a quick buck in the short summer season and then pay their attention to making more cash in their hotels in the Caribbean and other winter hotspots. Why do they want to pay to keep hotels open during a cool and often wet winter, despite the host of activities to enjoy and places to visit here on the island?

But Majorca and the Balearics in general are heading for a rude awakening from the developing destinations. Having just come back from Morocco, where a tourist is more than a friend, it’s their best mate, the money which is being invested in developing the tourist industry is staggering and some of that money is coming from Spanish hotel chains.

Convention centres, brand new luxury marinas, a high-speed train service being built from Marrakech to Casablanca, both cities already have excellent new tram systems, Morocco is building it all and if the Majorcan politicians want to see quality tourism, that’s where they will find it. Chinese, North and South Americans, Australians, South Africans and big spending visitors from the Gulf States.

Morocco may not get the millions of bums on beaches, but it’s getting big bucks in the banks.