I learnt a lot during my trip to Morocco, much more than I had expected. Moroccan culture is a blend of Arab (40%), indigenous Berber (60%), Sub-Saharan Africans, and European influences.

In school, they are taught in Arabic, French and Berber - Moroccans are very proud of their Berber roots, they still talk it on the streets, and the fact they were never invaded by the Arabs, or rather the Turks. They also managed to become a protectorate of France, they were not colonised like Algeria, hence no ill feeling towards the French in Morocco and French being the dual dominant official language. It is not uncommon to see a Carrefour shopping mall a few yards away from the old souk.

Nevertheless, Morocco’s predominant religion is Islam but it is strictly controlled. For example, there is a ministry for religion and its minister will meet with the progressive King Mohammed VI every week to decide which sermon the imams across the country will preach on the Friday and how. The idea is to control extremism and cut any potential radicalism in the bud. The same controls apply to religious education in schools.

But while all sorts of measures are being taken to keep the peace in Morocco, where westerners are welcome, along with their fashion items in Zaras, H&Ms and even Marks & Spencers, why are European-born Moroccans intent on violence and murder? Perhaps Europe’s imams need to be brought more into line.