It was outgoing prime minister David Cameron who told Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn "to go man". I recall he said that Corbyn was a gift for the Conservative Party and a nightmare for Britain. How times have changed. Jeremy Corbyn looked and acted yesterday in Brighton as if he was the prime minister in waiting, and he probably is. He delivered his speech to the Labour Party conference with passion and the message was compassion.

Should Britain fear a Jeremy Corbyn government? Well, to be honest they couldn’t do much worse than the present government which is deeply divided and has lost its way. The usual divisions over Europe in the Conservative Party have re-appeared and Theresa May is unlikely to last. Yes, Corbyn is a firebrand, yes it is alleged that he has republican views and yes he is opposed to the nuclear deterrent, but does this mean that he can’t be prime minister? Well of course not.

It was May who once said that the Tories often appeared to be "the nasty party" and at the moment they look pretty nasty. Corbyn offers something different to British politics and he is right when he says that while Britain is one of the richest countries in the world it still has deep poverty issues. Unless the Conservatives can drag themselves out of the hole they have dug for themselves then they face being ejected from office. The writing is on the wall for May and at the moment Corbyn is doing the writing.