It may sound amazing but no one is talking about the summer season at the Balearic stand at the World Travel Market tourism fair in London. No mention of sun or beaches - just hiking, cycling shopping and eating in winter. You see, the Balearic Islands no longer have to promote themselves in the summer, they sell themselves. This may sound a bit big-headed but most people know about the beaches and the weather so there isn't much point any more selling the summer. Also, politically for the local government, promoting winter tourism rather hits back at the critics who say that there are too many tourists during the summer.

So, welcome to the new Balearics, the islands of winter sun and hiking and cycling. And people are listening. Before winter tourism was a bit of a joke - plenty of talk but little action. But times are changing. British tour firms are introducing winter programmes, albeit small, but it is a start. There are flights, there could be more, but you can get to the Balearics in the winter. This sea change is incredible and the local government should be congratulated for betting on winter tourism. We all know that Majorca is better in winter and if a few more hotels and shops remain open it is a great start to something which could be rather special.