In the past I have accused the local authorities of being rather complacent when it comes to tourism. I felt that opportunities were being missed such as winter tourism. But I must admit that they do appear to have a plan. Low-season tourism is no longer just a joke or a nice little chestnut, it is happening. The season now lasts for nine to ten months and everyone agrees that there is more to this island than just the sun and the beach. Obviously the new convention centre in Palma is a major asset to the city and will help increase visitor numbers in the low season. British tour firms are actively talking about making Palma a weekend getaway destination during the low-season months and hiking is now almost as important as sun-and-beach tourism.

At the World Travel Market fair in London this week I got the impression that the islands are well placed to head off any competition from cheaper competing resorts in north Africa and the eastern Mediterranean. Clearly the tourist tax is a big issue. Perhaps it would have been a better idea if the rate rise had been delayed but no, the Balearic government thought otherwise. So yes next summer season could be difficult and the Balearics could face competition but the islands are in a good place. There does appear to be a good working relationship between the industry and the local authorities and things are being done. The future may look slightly more difficult for tourism but at least the islands have a plan.