Looking out of the windows of the Bulletin offices, you could be forgiven for thinking that we were in September and not the middle of November as the island basks in fantastic weather. It is such a pity that the holiday season can't be extended to embrace the twelve months of the year, because as the Balearic government slogan says, this island is better in winter.

I do not think that Majorca has anything to envy other tourist resorts across Europe, especially with this fantastic low-season weather. And there is so much to look forward to as well, from the turning on of the Christmas lights on Thursday to all the bazaars and fairs which are taking place in the coming weeks. It is a pity that the days when people actually came on holiday to the island at Christmas are over. A decade ago many of the hotels were open in the resorts for the festive period. It is time that the island revived this tradition and made Majorca a twelve-months-of-the-year holiday destination.