I dashed into our local Chinese discount store to buy a US flag for our Thankgiving lunch earlier this week. Now, this shop usually has everything, but when I asked about a US flag, the lady assistant looked at me in horror with a stern no! I wasn't too alarmed because the Brits are not exactly the most popular people in the world either, but it got me thinking. We moan about Black Friday because it has come from the US but still we all got out for bargains. We complain about Halloween but we all mark it. And these events are growing every year. It could be said, and without being shown the door on the old continent, that what the US does today we do tomorrow.

The United States have taken a bit of bashing recently but it has to be remembered that it is still the only super power in the world and we all love its technology from Microsoft to Apple. In fact, I would boldy declare that the iPhone is probably one of the finest inventions of recent times. I think you can say that US companies have a commanding position in most industries. So why is the US the country that some people choose to dislike? Well, there is Donald Trump of course but perhaps some are slightly jealous. The US may have many faults, like all countries, but it is the most powerful country on earth. The lady who is in charge of the local Chinese shop may not like its flag but I bet that she uses US technology and has some admiration for the USA, because it is a great country.