I have been to three different hotels on the island and on each occasion I have paid the tourist tax even though I already pay my taxes to both the Balearic government and the central government. Whatever you may think of the tourist tax, no one should really be able to escape it. Everyone has to pay and there should be no exceptions. Now, the cruise ship companies are threatening to boycott the Balearics because cruise ship passengers will have to pay the two euro levy. What is their problem? Why should they be able to escape the charge but "ordinary!" tourists still have to pay it on a daily basis? It wouldn’t be fair.

Over the last few years there has been an alarming increase in the number of cruise ships which are docking in Palma. I say alarming because on certain days in the city centre during the summer months you can hardly move. Too many cruise ship passengers are spoiling the enjoyment of our great city for all. I do not want to turn away vital revenue for Palma but it does make you think that overcrowding in Palma during the summer could be turning tourists away. What we can’t have is five cruise ships docking in the city on the same day; Palma is simply not big enough.

Perhaps the tourist tax dispute will now mean that the local authorities can sit down with the cruise ship companies or their association and plan for the future. Yes, I do believe their passengers should pay the surcharge like everyone else but at the same time I do believe that greater efforts should be made to ensure that everyone can enjoy Palma and what it has to offer. You can’t do that, if you can’t move.