I would say that being in opposition is almost as important as being in government. Unfortunately, not many people agree with me and in most instances it is a case of winner takes all and there are no prizes for being second. But this shouldn’t be the case at all. The opposition should hold the government to account. The Balearic government is in crisis. Just last week the vice president and tourism minister Biel Barcelo resigned in a scandal over a foreign trip. But is the Balearic government in crisis? Internally yes but externally no-one is talking about the possibility of the government falling and the opposition forming a government. The reason is because there is no real opposition. The Balearic government isn’t being held to account by the opposition Partido Popular. It is just waiting until the next elections. Really, the coalition Balearic government should be on the ropes and the opposition should be pushing their point home. But nothing.

But it is not only in the Balearics, in no country does there appear to be any opposition to the government. In Britain Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, was doing a good job as opposition leader but he appears to be concentrating on trying to become the next prime minister rather than the leader of the opposition. The British government is in the same position as the Balearic government, in crisis, but no-one is pushing the point home. Being second is not like being first but it is still a credible position.