No airport queues or travel congestion, I even saw a few people in shorts in Palma yesterday, what a great way to start the year. Nice blue skies and mild temperatures, hopefully that will set the tone for the year to come.

All the politicians and religious leaders have had their say, whether any of it will make any difference remains to be seen. Sadly in some parts of the world death, destruction and the fight for human rights continue, but the world is far from perfect, never has been and never will be. But at least here in Majorca we have been blessed with great weather over the festive season and the sunshine always helps bring a smile to people's faces and a bounce in their stride, and long may it last for everyone living here and visiting over the next 12 months.

And it was lovely and peaceful in the city yesterday. As the government has been keen to tell the rest of the world, the Balearics are better in winter and people have certainly been making the most of it, and a start to the year like yesterday is priceless. It is just a shame that more people cannot get here from across Europe during the winter. There will be many in the UK who have spent most of the Christmas holidays having to try and battle the elements while wondering how things have been here in Majorca, wishing they were here had there been more flights. It’s very difficult to sell a product which you can’t get hold of, so let’s start thinking about next winter.