Former prime minister Tony Blair came out with all guns blazing yesterday calling on British voters to fight Brexit. His comments were quickly dismissed by the pro-Brexit camp and I suppose that will be the end of it. But does Blair have a point? Well of course he does. The dangers of Brexit are enormous and if Britain gets it wrong it could mean a nightmare for the British economy. What concerns me is that there is not an ongoing and open debate about Brexit in Britain. I read recently that the British electorate is bored with Brexit. I would like to remind the good people of Britain that Brexit is the very future of their country and it will have big repercussions even on this small island. The referendum was badly thought-through in the first place by a government who thought that the No vote would win. The question should have been: Do you want a complete withdrawal from the European Union which would also include the single market?

I do not think that a sizeable number of voters realised how important the single market is for the British economy. Millions of British jobs depend on it. Unless British voters follow the rally call from Tony Blair, the British economy faces some very uncertain times in the short-term and that is the truth. It is going to take time to sign the new trade deals and it is going to be hard. Perhaps history will show that Brexit was a good thing but at the moment it looks like a big gamble.


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Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Sorry,because I have both cataracts and glaucoma,my comment should read:for less than what Blair is responsible for. Any chance of an edit facility on here.?


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Blair should crawl back under his stone,where he belongs and thank himself lucky that he was not born in another another place and time:people were hung at Nuremberg for less what than Blair is responsible for.


TGNT / Hace over 4 years

How patronising, suggesting UK citizens who voted to leave the EU had no idea what they were voting for. It was made perfectly clear to all those who bothered to read and listen. It’s this kind of inaccurate reporting that gives the Bulletin a poor reputation.


Steve Riches / Hace over 4 years

Richard Pearson (below) - North America, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia have never (obviously) been in the EU or exited it - you have to compare like with like and clearly there isn't anyone yet who's left the EU block. Whatever you vote it's in all our interests for it to work, but with UK having a creaking transport system, underfunded education, healthcare in crisis, indebtedness never higher, and no properly independent close markets I fear we're going to become a third-world-style ghetto. The closer we stay to the EU marketing and legal model the more likely we are to prosper - but I don't think that's what Brexit voters envisaged.


Steve Riches / Hace over 4 years

Forgetting the for/against Brexit arguments for a moment, I'd like to say that I find any reference to the opinions of Tony Blair to be highly irritating. His foreign policy led to the fomenting of terrorism, he ruined Afghanistan,Iraq, and Libya while they were relatively stable, lied about weapons of mass destruction, his policies led to the deaths of many UK servicemen and women,and he should now be rotting in a UK prison for war crimes.


MelB / Hace over 4 years

Another pompous, uninformed editorial from one who’s time in journalism is surely limited.


Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

And Jason, China doesn’t seem to be doing too badly outside the “single” market. Nor is North America or Australasia. Hong Kong and Singapore seem to be surviving quite well on their own as well. Spain is in the “single” market and since joining, both its national debt and corruption has skyrocketed whilst investigation and education has plummeted. As for Blair, if he had had his way we would be dealing in Euros and our banks would be run from Brussels. No thanks.


Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

If the amount of hi end German cars seen on British roads is anything to go by, the ones who will suffer will be them, not us.


ken Scamp / Hace over 4 years

Jason, like most Remoaners you have been proved wrong in the past on your Brexit forecasts, and you will be proved wrong again. We would do better if only you would keep quiet.