A large part of the British electorate believe that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will be prime minister by the end of this year. The turnaround in the fortunes of the Labour leader has been incredible- he has gone from zero to hero. But isn't it a question of Corbyn being the best of a bad bunch?

Now, some say that the Labour leader wants to return Britain to the 1970s - the era of "Labour isn't working" and the endless strikes. But don't you think that Theresa May is rather a throwback to the 1970s as well? British politics is in a bad state and there appears to a complete lack of talent in parliament and both prime minister and leader of the opposition are reminiscent of a bygone era.

You do feel slightly sorry for Theresa May. She was handed a nightmare. Corbyn has had a relatively easy task; he just had to sit back and watch the Tories self destruct over Europe. But he is a different kind of Labour leader. He has some very radical views and he makes former prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown look like Conservatives.

But he is popular with young voters and his back to the 1970s approach with nationalisation and higher taxes will send shockwaves through those who have supported the Tories. Corbyn maybe a breath of a fresh air but he could be very dangerous if he embarks on a plan of mass nationalisation. The 1970s are back, but do we really want that?


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Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

Don’t you mean whoever replaces Corbyn will go head to head against whoever replaces May ?


Oliver Neilson / Hace over 4 years

It doesn't really matter what the electorate believe, due to the relatively recent fixed term parliament act, the only way this government is not going full term is if two thirds of the commons vote for it. i.e all of the Convervatives, and DUP back it, which would be Turkeys voting for Christmas. It seems likely that Corbyn will go head to head against whoever replaces may in 2021.


William / Hace over 4 years

I’m a young voter and don’t rate Corbyn at all. Or Blair for that matter. They spout the same old back to the old days stuff. Much rather support a progressive, outward looking party who can wholly support Brexit for all the UK. TW.


keith / Hace over 4 years

Totally agree MelB trouble is,the lights are on but there is nobody at home .


MelB / Hace over 4 years

On the subject of all change, how much longer before the owners of the Bulletin realize that this is just what is needed for the editorial team on their paper?