So, Sir Richard Branson is back with plans to transform his Son Bunyola estate in Banyalbufar into a luxury hotel. I would say that Branson never really went away; he has been a frequent visitor to the Hotel La Residencia in Deya, which he once owned, for many years. When he sold La Residencia and decided to abandon his plans for Son Bunyola almost 15 years ago, it was seen as a major blow for Majorca. But the announcement last year that he had repurchased the Banyalbufar estate was indeed good news. Branson, apart from being a hugely successful businessperson, is a publicity magnet. Where he goes, the media follows.

Now, there are still many hurdles to clear at Son Bunyola; it must be remembered that he was forced to shelve his plans for the luxury hotel 15 years ago, because of a planning dispute with the Council of Majorca. But this time it appears that the project is on track with the town hall signalling its support. It would be complete madness for the local authorities to allow Branson to slip away again. His hotel project is set to create scores of new jobs in Banyalbufar and also add yet another fantastic hotel to the island’s long list.

Now, obviously Branson can’t expect any special treatment but at the same the local authorities have to realise that they are dealing with a top businessperson who could go anywhere in the world. But he has selected Majorca, which is great news for the island and obviously its economy.


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Max / Hace over 4 years

I should have mentioned in my first post that I am no fan of Branson. But if he wants to give it another go, why not. I do wish, however, that if he feels such an affinity for Mallorca, he and others would invest beyond the luxury sector and therefore provide more jobs. Branson might even have a shot at breaking the AI cartel with some kind of hybrid model that would support local businesses (someone innovative, sometime, is going to find the money and clout to do it...we have not heard the end of the AirBnB story - ultimately the consumer rules - history is littered with government policy killed by market forces). I have asked this question before and I ask again: does anyone know of any investors (Spanish or otherwise) who are in any way truly philanthropic here? I don't. This is the island of take, take, take - and exploit.


keith / Hace over 4 years

Were saved . The messiah will make everything better . Your having a laugh . Have you been on one of his trains lately ?


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

More fool him,clearly,he never learned anything the last time.


Max / Hace over 4 years

Amazing. For once I agree with The Editor. That said, please stop this annoying habit of prefacing sentences/paragraphs with 'now' and 'so'. This article must be a record. So, Now, Now. Sloppy writing. And before the 'grammar police' accusations...this is supposed to be a professional paper. If you are happy with sloppy writing, go and binge on the Daily Mail website. If you are happy with falling standards, more fool you.