An opportunity missed. For the last week Palma has been celebrating its patron saint, San Sebastian, in style, but unfortunately the fun has only been enjoyed by us lucky local residents. The severe shortage of flights has meant that Palma has been rather quiet over January. The concerts last Friday in all of Palma’s main square proved exceptionally popular and thousands joined the fun, but overall Palma has got the air of a city enjoying the quiet before the storm. But it could all be very different.

As I have said in this space before perhaps the resorts need time to recover from the long summer, but Palma is a different matter. The majority of hotels are open along with all other businesses. So why doesn't the Palma city council make a big push to promote San Sebastian and everything it has to offer? Tourists will travel. I know of a group of tourists from Britain who travelled over for the Atletico Baleares v. Real Mallorca football clash on Sunday, so there are flights: not many but some, all that is needed is some promotion. Many of the hotels have winter offers at the moment and flights are relatively cheap so all the council has to do is show some imagination and get people travelling.

January tourism could be a major source of revenue for the businesspeople of Palma because as I said at the start of this space it is relatively quiet at the moment. So the time has come for the city council to push for winter tourism.


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TGNT / Hace over 4 years

What a loan of moaners. Winter in Mallorca is great. Less tourists, quiet bars and restaurants, lovely beach and mountain walks. A time to relax, chat to the locals and recharge your batteries. Get over it.


Ron / Hace over 4 years

This government wants fewer tourists, and they are staying away as is what the many messages were. San Sebastian & San Antoni are for the locals anyway, and I find more each year that foreigners are discouraged to take part. The ex-demi god Barceló wanted to swap summer tourists for winter ones. Only one of his disastrous plans which will wreck the island as a leading tourist destination. 'Better in winter'? It will be disaster all round this year. No amount of expensive 'jollys' to trade fairs will recover the damage that has been done. The wrecking hoteliers are the only ones to benefit. No problem for them getting licences for new builds, enlargements and reforms of their ever increasing number of 'boutique' hotels. Then their profits go off to Cuba etc.


S. / Hace over 4 years

I completely agree your comment. Since I first came to live on The Island in 1989. There was constant discussion among the residents, that there was no attractions to promote Winter Tourism. Some 28 years on from my arrival, the lack of Winter Tourism is still being discussed. But, if the Urbanisations are closed ghost towns, with closed Hotels, and very few Flights. I can not see any progressive changes occurring for the next 28 years. Money investment is needed to create Winter Attractions


Steve Riches / Hace over 4 years

Hurrah! I've been saying for years that San Sebastian needs promoting for winter tourism. It's worth pointing out that Gatwick and Stansted have daily flights and Luton weekly on Satirdays, so there's the London conurbation catered for.