"Spanish authorities are monitoring borders to make sure that fugitive Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont does not sneak back into Spain to take up the presidency of the regional parliament again," reads a report on the latest developments in Catalonia. But could a man whose photograph has appeared on every newspaper front page in the country really sneak back into Spain without being noticed? If this is the case then it doesn't say much for Spanish border security.

Obviously, Puigdemont is a major embarrassment for the Spanish authorities. The fact that the pro-independence parties who were victorious in the recent Catalan elections want him to be president again is a major blow to the Spanish government. Puigdemont has gone from the "Catalan president who declared independence" to "fugitive" to "president-elect" in the space of three months, and I suspect that there will be plenty of further twists and turns in the coming weeks and months.

He can never become president of the Catalan government because he is still a wanted man. But the fact that Catalonia still wants him as president is a slap in the face for Prime Minister Rajoy. So, Puigdemont the president or the fugitive? I sincerely believe that sooner or later the Spanish government will have no option but to enter into talks with the political parties who want independence. That is the only way forward for Catalonia and Spain.


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TGNT / Hace over 3 years

Spanish borders security ? Sorry we’re in the EU, there is no border control. A Benefit of free movement......not.


Richard Pearson / Hace over 3 years

Catalonia doesn’t want him as President, only one of the losing parties in the last elections does. The real winner of these elections, Ines Arrimadas, should have been nominated, but due to the peculiar system we have in this country, where three losing parties are allowed to form government, such as here if you want a (bad) example, she never will be.


MelB / Hace over 3 years

Another shallow, repetitious coverage of a highly important issue that if unresolved will impact greatly on the Spanish economy and thus on us as residents. Please provide us with fact not supposition.


V. / Hace over 3 years

Re ‘border security’: Spain doesn’t have borders within Schengen, i.e. with France and Portugal. That said, there’s no need to watch ’borders’ for just one man. Keeping a vigilant eye on the man himself and his movements should be enough.

As for him ‘never becoming president if the Catalan parliament’ that is still open to debate amongst the judiciary who, I am sure, have a better grasp of Spanish legislation. Some appear to consider he could be elected if in ‘preventative custody’ and could even then attend parliament for the investiture. Whether that is possible or actually happens time will tell, but he could never be an effective president in those conditions. It’s time for another candidate to be proposed by the parties.