I was rather alarmed to read that Britain has failed to reach an accord with the European Union regarding the voting rights of British expats post-Brexit. Brexit minister David Davis said that bilateral agreements might have to be signed with each individual country. It could mean that the voting rights of British citizens living in Spain could be in doubt. At the moment British citizens can vote in local council elections and also European elections. It had been hoped that voting rights would be extended to also include Spanish general elections but the referendum result put an end to those dreams.

At the moment in the Balearics, only one in five British citizens exercise their right to vote in the local elections. Local political parties, to some extent, have lost interest in the so-called foreign vote because of the low turnout. The centre-right Partido Popular went to a lot of trouble to try and court the foreign vote in previous elections and to some extent they were successful. In areas such as Calvia the foreign vote can hold the balance of power. One of the reasons why the Partido Popular were defeated in the last local elections was because many non-Spanish voters decided to stay at home.

I believe that it is vital that we keep the vote. Our voice needs to be heard at council level. If Britain can't reach an agreement with Spain over voting rights for expats then it would be a major blow. While the voter turnout might be small, the vote is still important to many.


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Dermot Bremner / Hace over 3 years

I have to agree with Ron, the education system on this island is broken, and the principal problem is the use of Catalan as the prime language. Both my daughters are native Spanish Castillo, and struggle with Catalan. The eldest at 14 is so despondent with the Catalan situation she is missing school and becoming unmanageable. The overall cost is going to be a generation of under performing people with limited language and no prospect of work beyond these shores.surely the most backward political education policy in Europe.


keith / Hace over 3 years

Lets get it right , you want to have a vote on what effects my way of life and you want to have a vote in spain that effects your way of life but i cant have a vote on what effects you so you want your cake and eat it to and have a say in what goes on over here.I am with Britbabe and MelB.When you start paying our taxes then you will be allowed to vote and have a say about what goes on in Britain.Till then please concentrate on your island and start asking questions that people want answers to. If not ,i have said before let somebody else ask them.


MelB / Hace over 3 years

Another shallow, rambling piece of little interest or importance to most. When will you "grow a pair" and start dealing with key issues affecting this island and it's residents? If you can't put a few noses out of joint by asking searching questions of those in power can we ask that you are put "out of the joint" and replaced by someone who can.


Britbabe / Hace over 3 years

I strongly feel that people should have the right to vote in all elections in the place they pay their taxes, with special arrangements made for those under the tax thresh-hold. If you don´t pay your way, what gives you the right to have a say ?


Ron / Hace over 3 years

As you say I believe there is great apathy among the British residents here. The feeling is that they don't feel represented at any level. Why vote? - nothing will change. I don't know why Kate Mentink was pushed down the list in Calviá. She was very well respected and did very good work for the community. I believe this feeling of apathy is the reason for your previous concern - why are so many Brits leaving the island? The island is a paradise for the rich, pensioners with savings, and holidaymakers. Living here for a family with young children is not good. I blame the education system for failing to acknowledge this. Throwing out Sr. Bauzá's vision of three language teaching was a big mistake. We lost the chance of pulling those islands into the 21st century with children lingüistically equipped for the future. The teachers rebelled of course - couldn't do the job - the P.P. lost and Bauzá went off to Madrid. And now instead of his vision, we have our version of catalán forced on the children with nationalists/socialists/communists in power. Parents who want any future for their children outside of our islands have a great struggle finding the fees for private schools. But the children must get qualifications that are acceptable everywhere. Will there be a change come May 2019? I and many of DB readers certainly hope so.