Those who believe that the local tourist industry should rest during the winter months are rather being proved right this year. It is often said that the weather is not good enough from November to February to attract tourists seeking winter sun. This winter will probably go down on record as one of the coldest of recent years with freezing temperatures and snow. There is more to Majorca than just the sun, but if I had come on holiday to the island over the last few weeks I would not have been too impressed by the weather. In a few weeks time we will be complaining about the hot weather, but it must be said that winter tourism to the island is always going to be a hard sell if we have similar weather to this winter.

The rains of recent weeks were needed because local reservoirs were at low levels but the weather has caused some surprise. The fact that it has snowed at least three times this winter on the island has caused quite a sensation. When I first moved to the island snow was very unusual; these days it snows every year. Majorca's weather pattern appears to be changing with colder winters and hotter summers. A colder winter is bad news for all those, like myself, who believe in winter tourism. Perhaps it is only right that the island rests for three months of the year. The holiday season is now on course to last for about nine months of the year. Maybe that is enough.