It is rather ironic that the hoteliers have been forced to drop their prices, while the Balearic government has decided to double the rate of the tourist tax. Back in November at the World Travel Market in London I got the impression that hoteliers were not happy. They were angry over government plans to double the tax because they feared increased competition from Turkey and north African destinations. The line from the government was that all was rosy in Majorca's tourism garden, but the hoteliers were not optimistic. They had been informed by the British travel industry that Turkey was making offers that couldn't be refused. The alarm bells started ringing. That same week local hoteliers claimed that more than one million tourists could be lost because of the higher rate of the tourist tax.

But it is the government which has remained firm. It has decided to push ahead with plans to raise the tax, and hoteliers have had no option but to drop their prices. Some hoteliers fear there could be a price war with competing destinations, which is great news for tourists and the tour firms but bad news for the resorts. So, the government will raise extra cash and the hoteliers will see their profits fall. As the profits are already taxed anyway, it would have made more sense for the government to have abandoned its tourist tax plans.


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sheila / Hace over 3 years

New taxes,once introduced,are always increased year on year. Income Tax was introduced as a temporary measure to help pay for the Napoleonic Wars. It wasnt much and only affected the rich. Look at it now!


Richard Pearson / Hace over 3 years

S, one thing are the prices that you and I see on the net and another are those being paid by agencies, travel companies with block bookings and online offers like Groupon.

Hotel chains are very much like airline companies. They adjust prices according to demand and future guaranteed sales.

I have checked prices on sites like and then been offered cheaper ones by front desk. The key to all these sort of things is flexibility, something that a lot of people don’t have and which the companies take advantage of.

C’est la vie, as the French say.


S. / Hace over 3 years

I have been searching Hotel Prices on several parts of the Island. To date I am not finding any obvious reductions.I would like to see a tiered levy of Tourist Tax on Hotels. With the lowest charge for 1 Star through to the highest charges for 4 and 5 Star Hotels. Rising to a maximum charge on Hotels offering ALL INCLUSIVE only.Room only, breakfast only and half board should attract a tiered Tax on a the varied Tariffs. Finally , has the AIRPORT passport check been improved ?. 4 Hour delays to and from there, will be remembered from last season. That will deter tourists from coming to Mallorca.