I know Salisbury well; my grandparents once lived there. It is a lovely little place but it is horrific that this small picturesque city has been thrust into the spotlight with a nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter. I don't think anyone really doubts who was behind the attack, but what can Britain do? The Kremlin has denied any knowledge of the incident but the difficulty of manufacturing the chemicals used in Salisbury makes them practically the calling card of a government-sponsored assassin. The Russian government has been mocking Britain, claiming that it was just propaganda to discredit the Putin administration. The fact that an attack of this sort was even contemplated shows that those responsible were not too concerned about possible repercussions. In fact, they didn't appear to care.

So, going back to my earlier question - what can Britain do? Well, obviously there needs to be a full and thorough police investigation with no stone left unturned and then the evidence needs to be highlighted for the world to see. If is proven that Russia did order the attack then Britain is going to have to dig deep and try and persuade the international community to blacklist Russia, which will be no easy task. Britain is not in the best position at the moment. It appears to have retreated from the world stage and Brexit will mean that the European Union will not be quick to come to Britain's rescue. Even the US may shy away from taking a stand against the Putin administration. This was a barbaric attack on British soil but Britain is going to find it very hard to get justice.


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Georgi / Hace over 3 years

Knowing that the UK has little chances to win the World Cup it's somewhat convinent to find an excuse not to participate. Russia has no interest in eliminating a spy who has been uncovered before fourteen years and do it with traceable chemical. Even the US refuses to point a finger at Russia.... If an investigation is to me undertaken it should be against UK services who did not hesitate to endanger citizens of their own country for a propaganda stunt.


George / Hace over 3 years

Read William Hagues piece today Tuesday in the Telegraph "The West must wake to threat of Putin". He is totally right.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Unless you know something that nobody else in the UK knows,including the Prime Minister,we have not "retreated from the World stage"


TGNT / Hace over 3 years

Wrong again, Britain has not retreated from the world stage, just the opposite, Britains both young and old have voted to leave the inward looking EU and rejoin the rest of the world. You are right that the EU is powerless to take any action against Russia as it is dependent on Russian energy supplies.


Scottish Roots / Hace over 3 years

So when Britain leaves the EU where will this leave Clara Ponsatí? Since all members of the EU will have to approve the inclusion of Scotland if they do separate, I would think this is the worst possible decision by a university in Scotland to bite the hand that might give them their EU life line.


S. / Hace over 3 years

The " Cold War " is going to be rejuvenated. Litvinenko took some time to die from the poisoning administered on him.The Chemical /Warfare unit need to identify this nerve agent very quickly. Tracing its origins, and those who delivered this death poison, will take some time. The main culprit is Russia. But, the UK are wholly reliant on Russians Gas Supply.Retaliation is out of the question. There are many Russians.Operatives in their Embassy. and expelling them, and all Russians in the Uk, will result in an escallation of the Cold War.


Georgi / Hace over 3 years

The spy was sentenced in Russia and after his sentance was completed was released. If Russia wanted they could have prevented him to depart to the UK. It's clearly non too clever propaganda move on behalf of the UK secret services.