Regular readers will be all too aware of the mission Palma City Council is hell bent on to reduce and eliminate swathes of bar and restaurant terraces which have brought a new lease of life to the city centre, but the council is prepared to go a step further at squeezing the life out the capital.

It is now busy drawing up plans to force small businesses to remove items displayed outside of their shops. Be it garments hung outside the shop front, shoes on display or fruit and vegetables, it’s all going to have to go inside. In fact, two members of the Local Police were spotted yesterday forcing a small fruit and veg trader to move all of the produce on sale and display outside, inside, leaving hardly any room for customers to move.

One of the age old traditions and characteristics which visitors to Palma love are the small traders and boutique shops. Many an exterior of these small businesses are photographed because of their uniqueness, colour and history, but sadly the current post-modern left wing coalition government, which many expected to help defend small businesses, is determined to put them out of business and therefore rip part of the heart out of Palma.

Small businesses are having a hard enough time surviving as out of town shopping continues to grow. What they need is the government fighting their corner or many will just throw in the towel.


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John P / Hace over 3 years

Obvious that tax paying shops will have to move their displays.It is to make more room for the illegal street sellers who have HUMAN RIGHTS !!! Only in Mallorca!!!


James / Hace over 3 years

Anthony - Cuba is wonderful to holiday in.


RBMM / Hace over 3 years

If all that badmouthing about Mallorca has any effect at all it is only on British tourists, and why would you want less British tourists here?


S. / Hace over 3 years

The Mallorcaen Authorities are hell bent on destroying the entrepreneurial businesses in Palma, and throughout all the Urbanisations. Allowing ALL INCLUSIVE to cause the Bars,Restaurants and Shops to go Bankrupt. Now attacking and aggravating the small businesses in Palma has to be the start of a Policia/Guardia controlled Island. ( Police State ).


Anthony / Hace over 3 years

Reading this paper and all it’s comments on drugs ,government ,anti tourists,expensive hotels and taxes ,why would you want to go on holiday to this place it sounds like a hell hole more in keeping with Cuba unsafe for families!