The Balearic government are pushing ahead with their crackdown on illegal holiday lets and they do appear to be winning the battle, despite the fact that it is a rather senseless fight. The major internet letting firms are being fined for listing properties which allegedly do not have their paperwork in order and break the new legislation which has been introduced. The Balearic government said that they will continue with their battle but at the same time they are busy destroying an industry which has proved quite lucrative, albeit illegally.

Many foreign home owners bought property on the island thinking that they would be able to rent it out when they were not using it. This helps the real estate market but now the new rental laws mean that some are said to be planning to sell up because they believe that they have lost a major source of revenue. Just last week it was reported that the police would be given access to the names of people who are staying in legal holiday homes. This is part of the new anti-terror legislation which has been introduced. It is clear that the days of illegal holiday rentals could be well and truly over. Home owners were breaking the law but at the same you should be able to do what you wish with your home as long as it meets the necessary legal guidelines. I have never understood why the local authorities have not introduced legislation which makes it easier for people to rent out their homes. For me this was the way forward.


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cc / Hace over 3 years

Don't worry John, people paying good money can cause plenty of problems


John Little / Hace over 3 years

Difficult circle to square. Henry is spot on re the hoteliers The authorities could start by separating villas on their own land from apartments in blocks - totally different things. Rental villas bring families who increasingly want this type of holiday, and who have to spend in the local community. Build costs , and local planning laws should restrict any villa massification. Works around the world, why not here. Apartments in tourist zones . Living in a block next to a rental apartment can be a living hell. If all the flats are rented then OK. However many blocks are mixed residential and holiday and control falls on the block community. A nightmare for them. What to do. The only thing I can think of is restrict by price. Hotels are gradually moving quality upwards away from cheap booze tourism. Maybe apartments should go the same way. If people are paying good money they are less likely to cause problems. Would apply to the majority of rentals I think. Inner city apartments - apart from noise there is the issue of reducing affordable accommodation. Possibly zoning - areas where you can only rent long term. Hard on some owners but these issues have to be tackled. Mallorcan tourism is undeniably moving away from cattle truck hotels towards only good standard 4 and 5 star. The holiday rental market has to go the same way


osn / Hace over 3 years

Palma in particular has a problem that his is also seeking to address. Spain, including the Balearics has an epidemic of low pay, with 1000 Euros per month being the norm for a huge swathe of workers in many sectors. Over the last few years, sites like Air BNB have seen a massive increase in short lets on apartments in the capital, and the shrinking stock of property for long term lets has seen prices rise sharply over the same period. Getting by when your rent was 400 a month was possible, now it's 800 or 1000 a month and many are being pushed into serious poverty. If cutting down on illegal short term lets addresses this problem, then it will have been worth it in the eyes of many.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

The hotel owners have succeeded in their aim to be the only accommodation providers and just watch as bars,cafes,restaurants and other businesses close in droves over the next few years. Not only that but these same hotel owners don't give a damn about Majorca,profit is their sole motive so if people start going elsewhere,they will close hotels without a qualm and go elsewhere.