There is concern within the tourist industry at some of the language which is often used by local politicians, and you can see their point. Comments like we can no longer welcome any more tourists because the island is saturated can give the wrong impression and could be understood to mean that the islands no longer want any more tourists. The Balearics need as many tourists as possible because our very livelihood is built on tourism. Over recent months there has been a slight backlash against tourism: graffiti has appeared in Palma calling on tourists to go home. The fact that this graffiti appeared on one wall in the centre of Palma was missed by many. Photographs of this single piece of graffiti were seen across Europe if not the world. The message was even Majorca has a problem with tourism.

The vast majority of the local population realise the importance of tourism to the local economy and most believe that the island should welcome as many tourists as possible. But unfortunately the acts of a few rather distort the view of so many. This is why the tourist industry believes that the island should always send out the right message. The message is that this island will always welcome tourists with open arms. Local politicians should not talk about too many tourists even when it is an innocent remark relating to so-called saturation during the summer months. Think before you speak, I would urge some politicians.


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