Everybody deserves an annual break from work and, in the case of parents, a chance to treat their kids to a fun time, more often that not in the sun, in the case of northern Europeans. But like most good things in life it comes at a price.

At the moment, market reports suggest that the Germans, and to the lesser extent, the British, are flocking to the eastern Med., Turkey, Greece, Egypt and even Tunisia. Why? Because, primarily, it is cheaper than coming to Majorca, especially with regards to family holidays. That is where all-inclusive packages come in and even the Balearic Minister for Tourism, Bel Busquets, admitted to the Bulletin that she quite understands the attraction for families on a budget.

Yes, it is currently cheaper to head East, but what do people want - the cheapest holiday they can find or a quality experience which they may well enjoy more and return home with a real sense of having got their money’s worth, or more?

And are the British gobbling up Turkey? The leading tour operators are still pushing and advertising holidays there in the UK media, indicating that there is certainly still plenty of space, while bookings for Majorca may be a few points down, but it is holding its own and ,of course, has much more capacity than its competing destinations. Majorca has learnt that it is not all about filling the place up in the summer months but having a longer season, so my money is on another record season.


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Henry James / Hace over 3 years

I would say that the doubling of the tourist tax and the constant anti-tourist demonstrations have all helped to make tourist feel unwelcome and not many people like to feel unwelcome. Ask the complimentary service providers at the end of the season how their takings compare to previous years,numbers mean nothing except to the hoteliers and politicians.


jeff cooper / Hace over 3 years

sorry but its the pure greed that's making people go else were. firstly the hotels have gone very expensive secondly the room tax. Which cost over 100 Euros plus than you go to the beach 30 euros a day for a family of 4 I will give you a example 2018 a 10 day all inclusive holiday in June for 2 £2100 2019 £2600 a £500 in one year in a massive rip off its now cheaper to go to the Caribbean than Majorca


osn / Hace over 3 years

Wages are lower in the Eastern med, and the hotels are newer in general, so Eastern med destinations can provide a good value all inclusive holiday for tourists on a budget, while the hotels still make a decent profit. The same can't be said of Mallorca. Wage and other costs are higher here so if Mallorcan hotels want to complete on price, they have to do so on close to a zero margin. Mallorca can't provide cheap any more, it has to prioritise quality.


palmadave / Hace over 3 years

Quality every time.


S. / Hace over 3 years

The Hotel Groups are continuing to ask high prices for family holidays, throughout this season. It will be interesting to see an Article at the end of this Season, reviewing the numbers and costings that have occurred.