It may have been a temporary measure over the 1 May bank holiday but Venice has taken controlling cruise passengers and holidaymakers to the limit. Venice has installed temporary gates at the ends of two bridges to keep tourists out if their numbers become overwhelming.

The measure has been brought in by the lagoon city for the four-day holiday weekend and there were also various diversions in place to prevent the city from being overwhelmed during the popular break. Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said on Twitter: "People who want to come to Venezia are always important guests for us. My duty is to ensure the safety to visitors and locals, managing pedestrian traffic and water and, if needed, sorting flows of people."

Have not we heard that somewhere before? Cruise ships often bring thousands of passengers for day trips and, during busy times, the narrow streets can be almost impassable. Heard that before too. But the Unesco World Heritage Site faces a delicate balancing act: while its dwindling resident population may be partly a result of the growing number of tourists, it also relies on tourism.

In November, a deal was reached between Venice officials and the Italian government to re-route tourist ships to a nearby industrial port. So, considering there were six cruise ships in Palma yesterday, the busiest day of the season so far, cannot Palma and Madrid reach some sort of agreement?


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Liz / Hace over 3 years

I think it’s part of the vibe when a city is thronged with people, you would hardly want to visit a city that looked like a ghost town.


Theresa / Hace over 3 years

For god sake -Venice is tiny and everyone wants to see the same things.

Cruise passengers go on trips in a coach to Soller, Marineland - are distributed around the island.

If you wish to see tourist crowds - yes Venice and Florence definitely have them - hoards of Chinese visitors.

Mallorca gets nothing in comparison.