The countdown to Brexit is now well and truly under way but there are some big question marks on a series of issues which need to be resolved sooner rather than later. If British tourists are required to get a visa to travel to Spain, then this must be made clear at once because it will be a long process and will have a big impact on tourists visiting Spain. There is speculation that visas, which will cost around seven euros, will be required by the Spanish authorities. The Spanish ministry for tourism is fighting against the move but ultimately the decision will be made in Brussels and not Madrid.

Obtaining the visa will probably not be too difficult but at the end of the day it could hit bookings to Spanish destinations. It could also mean the end of the days when British citizens were able to commute to and from Majorca to Britain to work. Brexit is not just about international trade, there are many other issues which will impact on British citizens especially the travel industry. Let’s face it, it is not in Spain's interest to try and upset the tourism apple cart and I suspect that once Britain has left the European Union, Spain will try and sign an agreement with Britain as quickly as possible to try and ensure that British tourists have trouble-free travel to Spain. But this is all going to take time and it might be an idea if some of the groundwork was done soon. Brexit is just around the corner.


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Jason / Hace over 3 years

I just knew that this article must have been written by yourself Jason. It shows a backward working mentality from a lifetime living on a tiny island and not working in a "worldwide trading world".

I would love the EU to slap on something like this - then the British public would rise up like a Bulldog and stop visiting Europe and buying products manufactured in Europe. Let Europe crumble in the next economic recession and the UK fly with independent worldwide trade deals.

Above is such a childish report reflecting the sentiment of why many voted for the UK to have there independence back from a crippling, backward Brussels.

The EU appears to wish to remain the most stilted Economic World area or at least Brussels do whilst receiving their ridiculous MEP salaries, expense accounts and pensions.


Will / Hace over 3 years

Brussels will and do dictate to Spain on any issues they choose. Spain gave up it’s sovereignty when it joined the EU. If Spanish citizens want to have self government again, then leaving the EU is the only answer. It’s not scary, it’s sensible.


Phil / Hace over 3 years

Brett :- it isn’t Spain, it’s Brussels!


brett dennis / Hace over 3 years

Why would UK citizens need visas? Many countries around the world grant UK citizens automatic visiting visas for no charge valid for 3 months. If Spain wants to charge for visas it is only a money making exercise.