So, the latest idea in the great scheme of tourism is low-cost direct flights from Palma to the States and Canada. To start with I checked the current rates from Madrid to the States and I would not say they are low cost. They start cheap but by the time all add-ons have been included, they are not. Secondly, a friend of mine who is chief steward in first class for British Airways, and has been for the best part of 20 years, told me it would not work. Yes, he said they may fill the planes coming over but the Balearic market would not be sufficient to fill transatlantic flights.

What is more, "direct" in airline industry talk simply means that you don’t get off the plane or have to change terminals, you remain in transit. Hence why a "direct" low-cost flight to New York from Madrid takes 20 hours. An eight-hour stopover in London going over and an eight-hour stopover coming back in Oslo.

How about more direct winter flights to the UK, especially Scotland?


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Dick / Hace over 3 years

To me it sounds like a great idea, the views expressed on heresy from a cabin attendant. i am sure they will have done feasibility studies, companies just don't make kind of decisions on a whim, it will also open up Mallorca to American and Canadian tourists a bit more


Henrietta / Hace over 3 years

Working with the Balearics on any level must be a bureaucratic, costly nightmare.

I am a Norwegian flyer all the time, they are always my first choice as so much cheaper than Easyjet and the experience much better. The service used to be a Scandinavian crew however, they are now having to have a Spanish crew. This sounds racist but there is definitely a less friendly feel now, customer service is more automatic pilot than from the heart with a personal touch.

I believe due to Island Mentality there will not be enough use from Palma. However, I look forward to more destinations being added around the world from mainland Spain.

Norwegian have been winning the airline awards for many years and I look forward to their growth. Competition in an industry always increases opportunities for its customers.

Norwegian flies twice a week to Gatwick. I look forward to them returning to their daily flight service.


osn / Hace over 3 years

Flew with Norwegian to NYC from Barcelona last month, it was reasonably priced, non stop and full. It's probably fair to say that filling up a flight to NYC with Balearic residents is a big ask, but Palma is perfectly placed to act as a hub I think it might just work.


mina / Hace over 3 years

I am very excited! I live in both places 6 months NYC and 6 months Mallorca. This would be a dream come true. Hope it happens.