There is concern within the Balearic tourist industry. It is not the tourist tax or new government legislation, it is an even greater worry. It is over the driving force of the Balearic tourist industry. Of course, it is the weather! Let’s face it, if the sun is not shining then Majorca is in trouble. I was talking to the owner of a leading restaurant in Palma on Sunday. He was telling me that tourists were complaining that it was warmer in their home countries than Majorca. This may be a slight exaggeration but the start of the tourism season this year has been dented by the poor weather. Businesses in the resorts are complaining that there are fewer tourists about.

The season is not in full swing yet and there are the peak summer months to come but nonetheless the weather is a worry. I remember seeing a British family over Easter who were furious that the weather was so bad. Yes, it does rain in Majorca and this year more than ever! They told me that they would never have thought that it would rain so much over the Easter holidays and if they had known they would have gone elsewhere. But it is not just tourists who are complaining. One of the main talking points of the resident population at the moment is the "terrible" weather for this time of the year. I suspect that the traditional good Majorcan weather is on the horizon and we shouldn't be too worried but it is a healthy reminder than our principal industry is built around the sun.


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Fred / Hace over 3 years

Richard, you expect your restaurants and bars should be open on Sunday’s - so why not Ikea and other retail outlets.


Richard / Hace over 3 years

Oh, and I’m sure Leroy Merlin would do a roaring Sunday trade from tourists wanting screwdrivers ;)


Richard / Hace over 3 years

Yes the weather has been terrible but as a 20 year resident I can tell you that our winters are colder, longer and wetter than people realise. As for the Sunday opening, more shopping centres thing - a recent commentator put it perfectly: move home or somewhere else. No more shopping centres killing local businesses, no more ships, no more rental cars, no Sunday opening, no more AI, kill the new rental laws, achieve balance for this island. Be careful what you wish for, or long term this island will suffer. Unfortunately as I have predicted before, the more, more, more brigade will probably win. Which is why, also as stated before, property prices on Menorca are skyrocketing. It’s still ‘paradise’ and the smart people are moving there not here. Also people are increasingly getting wise to rural crime on Mallorca, which is why demand for fincas is dwindling.


fred / Hace over 3 years

When will Mallorca give planning permission for the shopping development by the Aquarium - Palma Springs. You cannot even get into Fan as it is so popular. Causing major problems on the motorway slip roads to access, I predict a fatal crash in the not to distant future as it is becoming dangerous on peak usage times. This proves that there is demand. There is also demand for shopping centres, Palma town centre Ikea, Le Roys etc to be open on Sundays, especially in the tourist season.

When will Mallorca give permission for a company whom would like to build a large indoor heated entertainment pools, slides. With steam rooms etc etc. Andorra has one and it is perfect. This current government blocks everything.

Also, an Olympic ice skating rink I personally think would do extremely well, with the tourists, residents and the keep fit fanatics. Yes it is thinking out of the box, I believe Palma Jump gets very busy, so there is obviously a great demand.


MelB / Hace over 3 years

Just returned from Crete. Weather for the 2 weeks mid to high twenties. Accommodation much cheaper and the local people openly show that they are pleased to have you with them. All in all a far far better holiday experience than Mallorca. I know where I shall be returning to and it will not be Mallorca!!!


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

No exageration at all,it has been in the very high 20'sc for several days now,even in the north west,long may it continue.


S. / Hace over 3 years

When it rains ,there is nothing to do in most Urbanisations. It follows that throughout the Winter, when the weather is unpredictable, there are very few Tourists. Most Urbanisations become " Ghost Towns " , and with no Hotels open, very few Flights, Mallorca is unattractive.