Doubling the tourist tax - a step too far? The comment from Richard Malloy (reproduced below) rather sums things up. The Balearic government has rather shot itself in the foot by doubling the rate of the tourist tax for this season. As he so rightly says the majority of tourists are completely in the dark about the rise in the tax and unless the government takes urgent action, such as informing tourists on arrival of the tax and how it is being spent, then I suspect that there are going to be problems.

I just don't understand why the Balearic government thought that a rise in the surcharge was justified. When the tourist tax was introduced, Majorca was on a roll: sterling was high against the euro and because of the security situation in competing resorts, Majorca was more popular than ever. But times have changed. Competing resorts, which are cheaper, are popular again and British tourists have less money to spend. And then enter the Balearic government which decides to double the rate of the controversial surcharge even though there were clear signs that tourists could be going elsewhere.

As Mr. Malloy quite rightly predicts the effects of the increase will not be felt until next year because many tourists are unaware of the tax. The Balearics should be prepared. The tourist tax might appear to be a good idea locally but tourists think otherwise. A small surcharge is another thing but one which keeps rising is another.

Comment from Richard Malloy:
I am writing about the doubling of the tourist tax for summer visitors. I visited the island last year and paid the "tourist tax", so booked for a two-week stay for 2018 which commences on the 24th May. The money my wife and I have to pay on our arrival is unacceptable, the costs of holidays have spiralled and now this is an added extra that I really cannot afford. This will reflect on the money I spend in the surrounding restaurants bars shops and markets, etc. So local businesses will be affected by this. You will still have your tourists this year as many did not know about the extra cost, but next year will be a different story as lots will be going elsewhere, me included which is unfortunate. Sounds like you are trying to get rid of tourists. I think it is a bit greedy to double the tax during the summer months if it was per room instead of per person it would be a bit fairer. I will enjoy my holiday as this will be my last to the islands. I pay enough taxes in my own country without sustaining another.


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Henry James / Hace over 3 years

You have lived on Majorca for most of your life and still say that you don't understand why the tourist tax was increased,everybody else does,in a word,greed.


Deidre Walters / Hace over 3 years

There are far too many residents.


RBMM / Hace over 3 years

A recent study supports what James writes. A survey by the Balearic Islands Tourism Board (ATB, 2017) ”Balearic Islands Regional Context Survey, shows that 65% of residents in the Baleares agree or strongly agree with the introduction of the tourist tax. Among the weaknesses and threats identified were perceived saturation in high season, and that too many people may stop tourists from returning to the Baleares. In relation to competing destination the high, sometimes excessive, prices on the islands was seen as a problem. Even if you remove the tourist tax the price level here isn't low anymore.


Chris / Hace over 3 years

‘Mallorca has been so full of tourists te last few years‘

Good! Businesses doing well, local people doing well, the Island doing well!!! A huge exaggeration to suggest the quality of life is being ruined


James / Hace over 3 years

Mallorca has been so full of tourists te last few years that something had to be done to control numbers - otherwise the quality of life for residents and tourists alike is affected. If increasing the tourist tax dissuades some visitors whilst improving the quality of the stay for those that do decide to visit then it will have proven to be an excellent tax!


Steve Riches / Hace over 3 years

Sheer greed - and stupidity because it takes wealth-creating money circulation immediately OUT of circulation.


Bob / Hace over 3 years

I totally agree, this is a step to far. We have been traveling to majorca for the last 10 year, 2 weeks every time, and we as a family have enjoyed every minuts of it. Seiing the tourist tax made us talk about, if this is the last year for us, we dont wanna pay even more for the same trip. 10 years x 7000 euro=70.000 and we go Tenerife in the winter, thats another 3000 euro, that around 10.000 euro every year, and now its gonna stop, we feel so foolish. Next year its def. A new country, spain is to expensive now, and i know many af the guests from our hotel feel the same Way, but what a shame. We just dont feel welcome anymore, so thank you spain, say good bey to 10.000 euro.