The local authorities are quick to introduce legislation in an effort to crack down on tourists behaving badly. I welcome the moves but they should not be just cracking down on rowdy tourists. If a holidaymaker is badly behaved, then it is a matter for the police, but the local authorities should ensure that bars are not serving people who have already had "one too many" and that shops are not selling alcohol to those who are under-age or others who are buying in bulk. Laws already exist which govern excessive drinking so really there is no need for new legislation. The old laws just have to be enforced.

The authorities have announced that there will be a record number of police officers on patrol in resorts this summer and one of their main priorities will be to try and outlaw so-called booze tourism. Majorca has had enough of badly behaved tourists or so it seems. But if Majorca seriously wants to tackle this problem, it needs to involve the business community as well. Calvia council have already introduced legislation which calls time on promoting "happy hours" and "two for one" drink promotion. All this is a step in the right direction but perhaps the legislation should go even further. Heavy fines could be introduced for those businesses which serve people who are already "under the influence".

I am sure that these laws already exist but perhaps they should be enforced even more closely and with more vigour.


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MelB / Hace over 3 years

Let's hope the additional police resources with also be directed to deal with the other unwanted activities associated with tourism ie the illegal street sellers and the prostitutes.


yoyo / Hace over 3 years

Well we have never had police on the streets in Punta Ballena - I have always felt that a good show of uniformed police should be around, walking up and down the Ballena from 11pm onwards - plus undercover police.

Stop All Inclusive hotels in major resorts - hotels isolated are great for AI.