I have always considered Majorca to be lucky. Its fortunes are based around tourism and thanks to hard work and good fortune this island is now one of the premier holiday destinations in the world. But Majorca's "luck" appears to have abandoned it this year, or at least so far. One of the principal elements of the success of the industry is the sun: 300 days of sunshine a year is a quote often used by local officials. But this year the good weather appears to be on hold. So much so that tourists are not impressed. I heard many complaints from tourists over the Easter holidays about the lack of sun and it is a trend which appears to have continued even though we are now almost in June. If there is no sun then Majorca has a problem.

The doubling of the rate of the tourist tax, which the Balearic government were hoping would pass without incident, is causing some problems judging by the letters of complaint we have received at the Bulletin from holidaymakers. Some have said that they would not be returning. We have heard this all before and another often used quote is quite true: tourists always return to Majorca. But tourists do not appear to be too impressed. The figures point to a good season but it does seem relatively quiet on the island even though we are almost approaching peak season. The tourist figures of recent years have been rather "inflated" by the security concerns about other competing holiday destinations. Those fears have now passed and Majorca has competition from cheaper resorts. I sincerely hope that the island finds its lucky charm again ... it needs it.


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Sarah / Hace over 3 years

Just walked along Magaluf and Palma Nova, very quiet for this time of year. Restaurants and cafe bars empty. Lots of staff on duty with little to do. I feel sorry for all the business owners whom have huge expenses and many FIJO staff. Next year will be worse than this year. The businesses now have only June, July and August to try and make some money to cover the 12 months.

June 1st next week but you would not think it.


RBMM / Hace over 3 years

The gap between prices and quality has increased a lot so why should people go to Mallorca if the weather is much better in the north of Europe. The price sensitive sun and beach tourists are better off in for example Turkey. The turkish lira is down to 40% of its value 5 years ago. Mallorca is developing to something "in between" quality and quantity and that is a loss position.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Another of his regurgitated articles very badly pasted,clearly you did not even check this one and it's caught you out.


S. / Hace over 3 years

When the Tourist Tax was first introduced, I received a separate bill at the Hotel check-in. This year the Tax has been added in to the total cost. Why do I think this could be a cause for concern. The variation of the Weather, illustrates Mallorca's UNLUCKY problem. It is so evident through the Winter Months. With no attractions,variable poor weather, and the majority of Hotels in the Island are closed. No demand,no Flights, no Tourists, no Sun. The remains of this Summer 's Tourism , will be very interesting.


Ron / Hace over 3 years

Check out your cut and paste Jason!


Henrietta / Hace over 3 years

Tourist tax can be high for July and August - however I have many Madrid friends who come for the entire month of August or July and stay in their family villas, no tourist tax being paid as it is not paid via the airport as it is in Thailand etc. But all 8 or 10 of them head to the beach daily.

There should be no tourist tax during the winter months 15th September to 15 June.

So Mallorca in these months will be very busy but not necessarily by visitors staying in the hotels - which are the visitors that sustain the resorts from "Se Aquila" signs.

In Palma yesterday - there were three cruise ships docked, but walking around it was very quiet. So what is all this nonsense about cruise ships making Palma too busy !!

2020 will be a very quiet season. I do hope the businesses in the resorts survive 2019.

History will repeat itself and PP will be voted in at the next election.