When I heard that Real Mallorca had been promoted to the second division my thoughts turned at once to our very own Monro Bryce. To say that Monro has suffered during the last 12 months while Mallorca have played in the lower echelons of the Spanish league would have been an understatement. I think he has had his fingers crossed for the whole season, dreaming for the day that Mallorca would win promotion.

"No words can describe how relieved I am that Sunday has finally arrived. It got to the stage this past week when I was marking off the number of sleeps on the calendar until tonight’s game. I can’t remember being so nervous before a Real Mallorca match, so much so that it looks like I’ll have to fork out for a new carpet in our front room. I’ve worn a hole in it pacing up and down," Monro said in his preview piece for Sunday's big game. In fact, when I saw him last week he did seem really concerned; he didn't even rise to my joke about Scottish footballers getting a sun tan when everyone else was out in Russia.

It is good news for the island that Real Mallorca are back in business and playing in the second division. Who knows, this time next year Mallorca might be fighting for promotion to the first division. It has been a long and cruel year for Mallorca fans which has come to an end on a high note. If the players had the same passion and love the club as some of the fans, Mallorca would be in the Champions league.


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Steve Riches / Hace over 3 years

So pleased to hear the news - it's been a bad few years for the club in a disastrous fall from grace. Pleased for Monro too - and also for all the season ticket holders of the ESRA SW group, many of whom looked glum after the recent couple of seasons!


phil / Hace over 3 years

Hi Britbabe - the remaining matches are just to finalise 1st and 2nd place in promotion - Mallorca already promoted


Britbabe / Hace over 3 years

Don´t relax too much - there are 2 more play-offs to go. One "at home" on Sunday and another next Wednesday "away". A ridiculous system for promotion.